Snow Kite Master

My name is Shawn and I am a Snow Kite Master. What’s snow kiting? Well it’s basically like windsailing but in the snow! I ride a special snow board pulled by a special kite. The contests are based on tricks, speed, and style.

In order to be a Snow Kite Master, I have to be in peak physical condition. Last year I competed in my final Snow Kite Masters competition and I won first place! Now, I am retiring to be a health and wellness coach!

Snow Kiting has taught me how to perfect my own personal physical fitness and now I hope to help others do the same. I exercise pretty much daily, and I eat a clean, healthy, nutrient dense diet supplemented with superfoods. I am going to use this blog to teach others about Snow Kiting, health, fitness, dieting, and supplements!


I still plan on Snow Kiting for fun, but I will no longer compete professionally as I feel that I have already accomplished all I wish to accomplish in that area of my life. Now, my life goal is to teach and inspire others to be healthy and physically fit.

You do not need to be into Snow Kiting in order to follow this blog. I am simply going to use this blog to talk about the healthy ideas that inspire me, and will hopefully inspire you as well! If you are motivated to live a healthier, happier, and more physically active life, than this is the blog for you!

Alright guys, if you’d like to contact me, there is a contact form on the site. Please let me know if there are any particular subjects you’d like me to write about. My goal is for us to help each other stay healthy, fit, and happy!

Until Next Time,